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Collectible Stocks and Bonds

About the Hobby


Why collect old stocks and bonds?

Are these real and authentic from the actual companies mentioned?        
How do you determine ollectible value in this hobby?     
How are certificates priced in this catalog?
Why do people collect old stocks and bonds?

YES!  We only sell authentic stocks and bonds that have been used in actual commerce or from company archives. Old stock certificates from our catalog have been cancelled and no longer have investment value but are still the real deal.  We do not sell copies or reproductions on this site.
Since old stock certificates no longer have investment value, aren't they worthless?  Basically, they are only worth the paper that they are printed on.  The same can be said for baseball cards and stamps but it is really the collectible value that makes these worthless securities valuable. Old certificate values vary on rarity, beauty, recent interest, historical importance, autographs, breadth of collectible theme, number of interested collectors, etc.  Essentially, like all collectibles, value is based on supply and demand.  
Our pricing is based on a numbers of references - past auction sales, other dealers, similar pieces, our own cost basis, and sometimes only best guess.  We do have to make a profit so please understand this premise if you think we are overpriced or unfair in our charges.  Our shipping is based on our actual costs.  You will find that we are comparable to other dealers, sometimes cheaper.  However, if you are not pleased with any purchase, we offer a 100% refund, no questions. 
REASONS TO COLLECT (just a few)!

The collectible art of news is always a great theme - the BP oil spill, the financial mess at AIG, Bernie Madoff.  Stocks and companies are always in the news and make collecting stock certificates from these companies entertaining and fun. 
The artistic value of detailed vignettes and fine lines of the engraver's skill are worth admiration in themselves.  Modern pieces are also rich with color.  Stock certs are perfect for framing.
Some companies are well-known highlights in the building of American financial history.  Railroads, automobiles, mining, and other industries have formed the hotbed of capitalism in the US.  More recently, corporate greed has become more infamous than notable.  Enron, WorldCom, and United Air Lines are now low-lights to US financial history. 
What a great way to show your kids how companies are funded, bought, and thrive.  A neat show and tell item.  Great for school projects.  Teachers can use them for accounting, economics, finance, business, and history classes. Interesting classroom incentives too! 
Very often, a relative worked for an old company that, now, only exists in the world of collectibles and ephemera.  Did your father or grandfather work for one of the old railroads? General Motors perhaps?  Companies come and go - only their stocks remain. 
You can be a millionaire (on paper). You can look like a tycoon with stocks and bonds hanging on your home or office wall.  These certificates look fantastic when framed! 
Many pieces are signed (some by hand, others in print) by famous financiers and infamous corporate giants.  Edison, Rockefeller, the Vanderbilts, the DuPonts, Wells and Fargo, Ken Lay, Bernard Ebbers, John Rigas, Bernie Madoff, and others can be found on certificates in this hobby. 
Most stock collectors are not originally certificate hounds.  This is the reason that we have organized our catalog into areas such as Railroads, Aviation, Automotive, Sports, and more. 

Please note that does not sell investments or give investment advice.  It is highly recommended that you contact a registered investment professional for these services. Please check out our "What's it worth" page to investigate your certificates for possible investment value.